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My Account is set up, how do I get started?

After you sign up with Maxim you will receive a "Welcome" email containing all your account/username details. You will need to store this is in a safe place as it contains important username and passwords to access your account on our various servers.

Uploading files
Setting up email
Transferring your domain


Uploading files

The first thing you need do is upload your files. If your domain is resolving to our servers you can publish via Frontpage but if not you will need to use an FTP client to connect to our servers and upload your domains content.


For instructions on connecting via FTP click here.

For instructions on connecting via Frontpage click here.


If you are publishing via Frontpage, you must wait until the domain is resolving until you attempt to publish.


Note: You cannot publish via Frontpage to your domain using the IP address as the hostname.

Once you have successfully uploaded or published your domains content then you can view this at http://IP_Address/domainnamecom. The IP address and the exact URL is specified in the welcome email that we sent you when your account was setup. If you have lost your welcome email please contact us.



Setting up email

To set up email mailboxes for your domain you need to login to your control panel and then click on 'Email Accounts" button.

For instructions on creating mail boxes view the Tutorial Videos (use the link in the cPanel).

For instructions on setting up email clients
Outlook Express - click here
Netscape 6 - click here



Please Note: you can't check your email until you have transferred your domain as email requires name resolution.


For more email information and FAQs click here



Transferring your domain

In order to get your domain resolving to our servers and have name resolution you need to specify our name servers authorative for your domain. This involves visiting your domain registrar and changing the name servers associated with your domain to just our name servers.

For details of our name servers and instructions on how to transfer your domain click here.

Once you have done this it takes approximately 3 days before your site is available as the changes need to propagate to your ISP.

If you are unsure if your site is resolving check the domain issues support page here.

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